Bespoke services

Professional building management

We pride ourselves as one of the leading building management companies in New Zealand. Our goal is to protect your assets, maximise building value, redefine building management by providing a premium service combined with innovative technology and systems.

Our bespoke building and facilities management services improve residential spaces by providing a professional service that focuses on proactive maintenance, reduces operating costs and risks, and increased value. We provide professional building management services in Auckland. This includes small to large residential buildings.

We coordinate and maintain common spaces, people, and facilities. We know how to keep the plumbing working, the lights on, the cleaning staff on time, and the parking lot clean. In short, we know how to keep a building running. We work for the best in the business.

What does our Building Management Service Offer?

  • An experienced Building Manager for day contact with your building and residents
  • Weekly walk around of the building to check on security issues and any non performing elements of
  • Maintains an Asset Registers
  • Oversees routine maintenance and provides recommendations
  • Oversees the performance of engaged service providers
  • A 24 hour lock out service is provided
  • Monitors and arranging of gardeners and cleaners
  • Oversee the Long-term maintenance plan
  • Provides monthly reports to the Body Corporate or its owners committee
  • Reports on builder’s defects

We specialise in

  • Building Asset Management
  • Fire Services
  • Security
  • Health and Safety
  • Compliance
  • Communication
  • Sustainability